What is JCL

JCL (Job control Language) is the controller language of Mainframe (Z/OS or MVS).  It has control statements that are being used a specific job for the operating system. It is bridge between application program and operating system. In a simplest way, JCL is a scripting language in mainframe which is being used to submit batch jobs in mainframe. Any program ...

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Job Card

Every JCL should be start with a JOBCARD. Job card is the controller of a JCL like identify the job and tell the MVS type and priority of the job , how the output will be or in notification to the user etc, A job card is look like below: //jobname JOB (ACCT INFO),’Label’, //            CLASS=class, MSGCLASS=output-class, //            MSGLEVEL=(stmt,msg),PRTY=15,TIME=1440 min, ...

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