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Basic of REXX

REXX stands for REstructured eXtended eXecutor.  Rexx is basically used as a scripting and macro language it was developed  by Mike Cowlishaw in the year 1979, currently who is a visiting professor at the University of Warwick. REXX was first implemented in assembly language to replace the languages EXEC and EXEC-2. Rexx is a free-form language. Unlike COBOL, a Rexx program does not have a ...

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Introduction of Mainframe

Mainframe, the father of all computer, first time IBM  introduced this large high-speed computer in 1952, after that they produced better mainframe. They are continuing this task till today. In the late 1960, IBM manufactured several large computer models, known as the IBM 700/7000 series. Initially IBM  sold mainframe without any software, expecting customers to write their own. Programs were manually initiated, one ...

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