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How to Embed a Twitter Feed in a Website

Twitter has excellent facility using which you can easily embed twitter feed into your website, that feed can be from your own tweets or any other channels or can be from any HASHTAGS or can be from a search in the twitter. Follow below steps to embed any feeds from twitter: Sign in to Twitter account. Go to your settings ...

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How to re-enable task manager disabled by Virus

Virus and Trojans are most common things in today’s internet world, that may be a tiny disturbing virus or a dangerous Trojans. And maximum time we can recognize them by seeing the Process tab in task manager, there must be a unwanted or unknown process running. So maximum Intelligent viruses’ first task is to disable the task manager and make the ...

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How to share a link on Facebook page or timeline

We all know how to share pictures and status on Facebook, below article will tell you how to share a link in Facebook. There are two ways to do this. Go to this link. https://www.facebook.com/share_options.php You will see below page: In the above page drag the “share on Facebook” to your bookmark bar. Now any article (link) you want to ...

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