Rise in Dollar price,problem for emerging economies

Rupee is marginally improved against dollar

The rupee strengthened by 12 paisa against the US dollar on this Monday. Latest exchange rate turn to 1.00 USD=62.2996 INR. Forex dealers said besides higher opening in domestic equity market, a weakening dollar against other currencies overseas after the US Federal Reserve dampened expectations for an early interest rate hike, supported the rupee. The soaring value of the American ...

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RBI eases gold import restrictions

RBI eases gold import restriction

After a  long time jewellers will feel relief with the recent decision of Reserve Bank  of India (RBI), which has allowed banks to import gold in bullion form, also allowed them to extend gold loans RBI eased maximum of the restrictions on gold imports which they have put more than a year ago when Indian economy was drastically falling down ...

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Budget 2014-15 – 100% FDI in Railways and 49% in Defense


This week on wed , cabinet has cleared long delayed proposal for raising FDI limit in defense to 49 percent and fully opened up the railway infrastructure segment, like high-speed trains, for foreign investment.These proposals were pended from several years. FDI ceiling in the sensitive defense sector has been hiked to 49 percent from current 26 percent, with the condition ...

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